Who we are

WONDER COAT – A trusted name in the field of Stone Care & Maintenance products. We have pleasure to introduce ourselves as fast growing business establishment and offer to all our customers –

  •  Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Building / Flooring Contractors
  • Home and Bungalow owners
  • Hotel Industry

We are manufacturing stone care products and are proud to say that our quality enhances the natural beauty of the stone and protects it from becoming dirty and dullness.

The company is promoted by well experienced technocrats. As consequences to vigorous in-house R&D efforts on characteristics of natural stone, has made it possible to produce stone care products economical.

New Technology – Irrespective of variable structural properties of natural stones, our Impregnating Sealer deeply penetrates and in-depth absorption sealing characteristic gives excellent resistance to stains, oil, grease, moisture, fungus & moss, dirt & dust.No film formation or membrane to scratch, wear or peel like in PU or Acrylic based coatings. Keeps stone breathable and allows complete curing of the installation material. Our Impregnating sealer retards structural dullness/yellowing, locks further hydration of iron/rusting.

We give exceptional services that meet our customer’s requirements with our competent, knowledgeable and experienced person in the industry. Quality of our products with unmatched economical prices in the industry makes us distinct in the stone care industry.

Our philosophy
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Goals & values
  1. Customer Satisfaction.

  2. Quality Assurance.

  3. Quick Service.

  4. Updated Technology.

  5. Best Solutions.

We are proud to work with
Alila Resorts, Goa
Chordia Group ,Pune
Kalyani Group
Alila Resorts, Goa
Chordia Group ,Pune
Kalyani Group
Our experience

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Design - 9 years
Marketing - 8 years
Consulting - 5 years
Photography - 4 years
Services & products

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Marketing & PR

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Web design

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