Nano Glass Coating Test Results

Test Result

Sl. No. Test Result
1. Contact  Angle of water droplets 118°
2. Thickness of coating 53°A
3. Light  Transmission  ( Transmitivity ) No change
4. Abrasion Resistance improved
5. Optical distortion improved
6. Secondary Image separation improved
7. Identification of colors improved
8. Cold Test Pass
9. Bake Test Pass
10. UV  Radiation Test Pass
11. Humidity Test Pass
12. Cyclic Test Pass
13. Water immersion Test Pass
14. Boil Test Pass
15. Wiper Test More than 340 hrs.
16. Temperature withstand ability Above 300°
17. Scratch Resistance Improved
18. Thermal Insulation ‘U’ value No change in ‘U’ value
19. Contact angle post abrasion Test No significant change
20. UV Protection 60% blocking of UV Rays
Our philosophy
“Service is a promise that cannot be seen, touched, or felt through any of our external senses.”
Nano Technology

nano technology stone cleaning

Benefits and Advantages
  • Water repellent (hydrophobic) and dirt repellent.
  • Easy application through spraying, polishing, immersion,smearing etc.
  • UV Protection
  • Protects glass from corrosion (acid rain etc )
  • Optically neutral (colorless, transparent ).
  • Curing at room temperature.
  • Conserves Air-condition load.
  • Stable at varying temperatures.
  • Low cleaning and maintenance requirements.
  • Retains the quality of surface.
  • Ecologically beneficial & biologically safe.
  • Resistance against: dirt, algae, scales, corrosion etc.

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